Skip the Resolutions and Relish What You’ve Accomplished Instead

I have an issue with resolutions. Specifically, I don’t like them. Signing up for insincere and often superficial goals along with the masses never appealed to me. I’m sure resolutions can end in success, but let’s face it, they typically don’t. And the impending doom of failure isn’t really the best way to start a year. Plus the post-holiday madness doesn’t seem like the best time to dive head first into a laundry list of to-do’s. So what do I do instead? I skip the hasty resolutions and instead focus on what I’ve accomplished in the last year.

Skip the Resolutions and Relish What You've Accomplished Instead | via

It’s a ritual that allows me to exercise kindness and love for myself. And this is really what this is all about, taking a moment to be kind to yourself.

I also find that examining accomplishments usually gives me a nice self-esteem boost that carries me into the new year fresh and excited to accomplish even more.

This little moment of reflection also allows me to stop and look at what has gone right in my life. Our minds are often filled with failures, missteps, and shortcomings. Especially as parents. And we tend to overlook the triumphs, successes, and moments of perseverance.

And if goal setting is your thing, and I am a professional goal setter if there ever was one, then THIS ritual is an excellent jumping off point to build on past accomplishments and envision new triumphs for the year.

The most important thing is to be kind to yourself. This is about sniffing out those overlooked moments that fill our days but are rarely acknowledged. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. This is about you, and taking a moment to reward your hard work with a gesture of love to yourself.

So what kinds of things do I consider as accomplishments?

Well anything you can be proud of, but here are some starter ideas.

• Were you a good friend to someone?
• Did you forgive someone who hurt you?
• Did you face a fear?
• Did you love your child with all your heart?
• Did you work hard?
• Did you learn a new skill?
• Were you kind to someone?
• Did you go back to school or graduate?
• Did you care for a sick child, parent, or friend even when you were tired, busy, or overwhelmed?
• Did you smile, hug, or help someone who needed it?
• Did you survive a tough or heartbreaking situation?

See, it can be anything! It should be your moment to thank yourself for being you! Now isn’t that a waaaay better exercise to celebrate the end of a year? You’ve gotta admit I’ve got a point here.

And since sharing is caring, here is my humble little list for this year.

1. I spent the year being the best mommy I could be. I made thousands of meals, gave just as many cuddles, scared away monsters, wiped tears (and a ton of boogies), pretended to love Disney Jr, filled the universe with countless I love you’s, and so much more. Not perfect, but definitely the best I could be!

2. I nurtured friendships and made sure people I loved felt that care and kindness from me. Because nothing helps you grow like loving and caring.

3. I took a big step and launched two blogs and pursued my lifelong dream of writing. Talk about a detour from the well-worn path! I’ve been a type A business gal my entire working career. I started working at 15 and owned a successful restaurant by 26. But when life took a sharp turn I rolled with it. Ta-da!

4. Through triumphs and challenges, I evolved into a better person this year. Yes, I’m still full of imperfections, but I did grow as a human and I’m damn proud of that.

See! It’s easy peasy! This is about YOUR life, YOUR triumphs. It can be the big moments or the quiet ones. There are no rules. Simply loving yourself for the things you do every day is enough. Because you my dear, are enough.

Happy New Year!

What is on your list? Share your triumphs in the comments below. Until next time!

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