In Celebration of All Moms on Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day let’s just take a moment to celebrate all the mamas out there doing their best to balance kids, family, friends, and life. Motherhood is not easy, whether you are single, married, or whatever, raising kids is the hardest job. Period.

In Celebration of All Moms on Mothers Day | via

I considered writing a Mother’s Day post aimed directly at single mamas, it is of course the theme for this blog. But what my heart really wanted to say was ALL moms are awesome.

I focus on single moms on this blog because that’s my path, it’s what I live every day, and I felt like there weren’t enough positive voices out there acknowledging the amazing strength of single moms.

But unlike some web hot spots, I don’t want to imply that any path is harder or better than another. Each path is different, each is unique, each studded with its own challenges. All worthy of acknowledgement. When we exclude ourselves as a group we often forget the bonds that outweigh the differences.

So no fodder for the mommy wars today. I’ll leave that for others who will most assuredly answer the call.

Instead I just want to share my thoughts for all the mamas on Mother’s Day. In a nutshell, every mom out there who is sincerely doing her best to nurture her children while juggling life is simply, amazing.

Motherhood is hard. You put your heart in the tiny hands of another and hope for the best. It is a daunting responsibility at best.

It doesn’t help that society offers little respite from all the other responsibilities we carry, like looking after households, working, caring for aging parents, maintaining friendships…and on, and on.

Yet day after day I meet and read about women who are pushing themselves to fulfill all their duties. Everyday I see women pulling more out of themselves to tend to everyone in their lives. These women are equally extraordinary and common.

We overlook moms because until you’ve been a mother, juggling life and leasing your heart to little children, you simply cannot fathom the magnitude of what it takes to give all you have for the benefit of another.

So for Mother’s Day (and everyday) take time to love and cherish the woman who gives everything to nurture your children, or grandchildren, or nieces and nephews. Take time to articulate what she means to your family. Take time to replenish her soul so she can go on being amazing and spectacular.

And if you are a mama then don’t wait for someone else to justify how wonderful you are. Love yourself as much as you love your kids. Be as forgiving to yourself as you are to others. Find as much kindness for yourself and you have for all who need you.

No matter the path, single or married, young or old, every mom who has truly loved a child with all her being is the most beautiful creature in the universe and worthy of all your praise.

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Love this little reminder that ALL moms are awesome! --In Celebration of All Moms on Mothers Day | via

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