Happy Mother’s Day To All The Amazing Single Moms

Mother’s Day is one of those bittersweet things that frequently dot the single mommy landscape. Like birthdays and Christmas it reminds us of both what we have, and sometimes what we had or wished we had. But in particular Mother’s Day brings to forefront that ever present life consuming task we have as single moms.

Happy Mother's Day to All the Amazing Single Moms | via singlemamarox.com


Each mommy’s path is different and how she arrived at single parenthood unique. But I do believe that all single moms are amazing. We do our best under challenging circumstances. We find strength that we never knew we had within us . We sometimes fight tears and hide them behind smiles so our children can escape the aches in our heart. We do the work designed for two, and often feel the pangs of guilt for doing it. There is never enough time or money for the typical single mom.

We count our currency in love, and indeed we are wealthy. Each hug a deposit that replenishes the soul which is often taxed by our guilt or fatigue. As our children grow and see more clearly our strength, they also eventually see our aches and the truth behind our struggles.

Eventually they see us for what we’ve been all long. Women (and single father’s too) who never walked away, who stayed despite the overwhelming task of raising children alone, who stayed despite the financial and physical exhaustion of doing a job designed for two. They see a parent who found love for them amongst the all too frequent ruin of their own hearts. They see our sacrifice accumulated over the years, for them, all for them.

And finally they see our love, our pure unconditional love that propels us forward. The love that shines like a brilliant sunrise after the darkest nights. Warm and renewing. They see the love that was woven in to our DNA upon their birth. A love that was not, could not, be severed, no matter the circumstances. And in the darkness not only did that love not wither, but bloomed, perfectly imperfect.

To all the single moms out there I applaud you. You are amazing, and your children will eventually see that awesomeness in all its glory. And to anyone lucky enough to know one of these amazing creatures, take a moment and tell her how wonderful she is. Tell her how precious she is. Tell her how much you love her. Gift her your kindness. And be there for her, because this job is one that taxes even the strongest of souls. And then let her go take a nap, because she’s earned it!

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