“Having children is like living in a frat house – nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.” ~ Ray Romano

In Celebration of All Moms on Mother’s Day
How Being a Single Mom Has Made Me an Even Better Mom
5 Best Things About Being a Single Mom
10 Lessons I Learned from Being a Single Mom
This Valentine’s Day Give Yourself Some Love
Skip the Resolutions and Relish What You’ve Accomplished Instead
Why Love Is All You Need to Be Happy
How to Actually Enjoy the Holidays as a Single Parent
3 Critical Things I Would Tell A Mom Facing Single Motherhood
10 Inspiring Things I Learned From Other Single Moms
15 Effective and Easy Ways To Manage Stress
Happy Father’s Day To All The Single Dads
Happy Mother’s Day To All The Amazing Single Moms
3 Ugly Myths About Single Moms
6 Factors to Consider Before Relocating

In Celebration of All Moms on Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day let’s just take a moment to celebrate all the mamas out there doing their best to balance kids, family, friends, and life. Motherhood is not easy, whether you are single, married, or whatever, raising kids is the hardest job. Period.

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I considered writing a Mother’s Day post aimed directly at single mamas, it is of course the theme for this blog. But what my heart really wanted to say was ALL moms are awesome. Read More

How Being a Single Mom Has Made Me an Even Better Mom

I’ve always taken my responsibility as a mom seriously. I’ve always loved my little one tremendously. Even so I honestly say that being a single mom has made me an even better mom. 😯

It may not sound like your typical (or stereotypical) version of single motherhood. Images of neglected babies and frazzled women seem to be abundant even if they aren’t accurate. But not every single mom is a miserable mess. To be honest I have yet to meet a single mom who is.

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That’s not to say being a single mom is easy. It isn’t. Being a single mom is ridiculously hard and a huge responsibility for one person. But it is possible to be a great and happy single mommy.

Actually, most of the single moms I’ve met are hard-working superstars who manage to raise happy kids despite being the only parent. To me that’s a more accurate representation of single motherhood. Read More

5 Best Things About Being a Single Mom

I’ve been a single mom for four years (just after my daughter’s first birthday), and I can honestly say I love it. This may not be what you were expecting to hear, but it is my reality.

Now I’m not suggesting that being a single parent is easy. Let me be very clear, parenting alone is extremely hard. It’s all consuming. There is rarely a break. It requires massive amounts of patience, enormous thoughtfulness, and plentiful planning. Almost everything is more difficult when you are a single mom. Bottom line, single parenting is hard, thankless work.

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That said I’ve come to love single motherhood (admittedly I’m a glass half-full kind of gal). The moments with my daughter replenish my patience. Her kisses restock my energy. Her hugs ease the ache in my heart. She has allowed me to find a strength that I didn’t know I possessed. And I know a lot of single moms who feel the same way. Read More

10 Lessons I Learned from Being a Single Mom

It was a mild spring day when I walked around my beautiful home one last time. With tears filling my eyes I gazed at the near empty space where I had imagined having two more kids grow up. My daughter would never eat from the berry patch I had planted, she’d never play with her dog in the backyard, and she’d never enjoy the lilac and cream colored room I had painted just for her. Less than a year after moving in with my husband I was moving out with my one-year-old baby. A few days later another woman moved in.

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My life has completely changed since that doomed spring of 2012. I’ve suffered, grown, and come to terms with my new life. This isn’t a story with a sad ending though. I’m happier than I ever thought I’d be, I’m loving being single, and I’m manifesting my dreams. Read More

This Valentine’s Day Give Yourself Some Love

Today women everywhere are using flowers, chocolates, and rings (or lack thereof) as a measuring stick for their worthiness. Sigh. Unfortunate men who didn’t deliver are in the proverbial dog house while women who got what they wanted are blowing up Facebook and Instagram with validation of their love. The whole ritual seems a bit extraordinary to me.

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I used to be THAT girl. Flowers, check, beautifully wrapped gift, check, thoughtful handwritten card, booyah! He DOES love me! Wait, no ring? WTF?!? Why don’t you love me?!? **face palm** Read More

Skip the Resolutions and Relish What You’ve Accomplished Instead

I have an issue with resolutions. Specifically, I don’t like them. Signing up for insincere and often superficial goals along with the masses never appealed to me. I’m sure resolutions can end in success, but let’s face it, they typically don’t. And the impending doom of failure isn’t really the best way to start a year. Plus the post-holiday madness doesn’t seem like the best time to dive head first into a laundry list of to-do’s. So what do I do instead? I skip the hasty resolutions and instead focus on what I’ve accomplished in the last year.

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It’s a ritual that allows me to exercise kindness and love for myself. And this is really what this is all about, taking a moment to be kind to yourself. Read More

Why Love Is All You Need to Be Happy

Love is all you need.

Queue the eye rolling.

Before I begin, I’m aware this statement sounds naïve, idealistic, and woefully unrealistic, but hear me out. Love really is all you need.

This is not to say you don’t need all the usual suspects, money, reliable transportation, and stability are all necessary (to some degree) for happiness to flourish. But here’s how I see it, love will get you to the necessities. Let me explain why love is all you need to be happy.

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I know love doesn’t buy diapers or pay for daycare. Love won’t repair that leaky roof, nor will it make the car payment this month. I get it, really I do. When I lost my business and my home (following my divorce) I thought the same thing. I called bullshit. Money, not love, was what I needed, or so I thought. Read More

How to Actually Enjoy the Holidays as a Single Parent

Ah, the holidays! The commercials love to tell tall tales of cheer and goodwill. Images of happy families with pearly white grins gathered around a perfectly browned turkeys served by a beautiful, not at all sweaty, hostess. Ha! Because apparently there’s nothing wrong with setting (yet another) unrealistic standard for moms and families to live up to. I would like to take this opportunity to call total BS. If your holiday looks like this and you aren’t crying inside, good for you. You can now move on to another blog. But if you’re like me, with a fulfilling but less than ideal life, toting around a kid on your own, dealing with people you might love but don’t always like…well this is for you folks. Here are some lessons (learned from the trenches) for how to actually enjoy the holidays as a single parent.

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1. Stop comparing to your old holidays (or any unrealistic version)

First and most critical. Stop comparing what you have now with what you had. And while we’re at it, stop comparing to what you think you should have too. And this goes for every mom, not just the single ones. Life is too short to live someone else’s holiday. Read More

3 Critical Things I Would Tell A Mom Facing Single Motherhood

Single motherhood is the hardest thing I’ve ever faced. And there is no way to prepare for it. When I see new single moms with that wild look of fear and shock in their eyes, I want to take them and just hug them. Of course no two experiences are the same but many of the challenges we face are similar.

This path of single parenting isn’t an easy one. I’ve learned a lot along the way, but there are a few critical things I NEED those new mommies and daddies to know. For those in the trenches, here are three critical things I would tell a mom facing single motherhood.

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1. It’s ok to be hateful and really pissed off

Wait what? Where’s the kumbaya you say. Let me explain.

If you are that gal (or fella) who just found out that you were lied to, trampled over, and are being left to take care of a child that you expected to raise with your partner, you are REALLY pissed off. And hearing warm and fuzzy tales about forgiveness and love probably isn’t cutting it right now. I know. I’ve been there. Read More

10 Inspiring Things I Learned From Other Single Moms

Single motherhood landed on me with the grace of an anvil falling from the sky. I had just celebrated by daughter’s first birthday when I discovered I was being replaced by another. I was blindsided and not at all prepared for the catastrophic explosion of my life as a wife, mother, and restaurateur. To say I was pissed was like calling the Titanic a tug boat.

I’ve met other women with children who’ve been cheating on and always the offense is magnified by the fact that there is a child who (in effect) was also cheated on. A scorned woman has nothing on a scorned mama bear.

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I’ve learned a lot since that tumultuous year. I expected doom and gloom, but once the dust settled what I found was so much better. I learned about love, kindness, and my inner strength. If you are a newly single mommy or single daddy, I’m here to tell you it gets better. Here are 10 inspiring things I learned from other single moms. Read More

15 Effective and Easy Ways To Manage Stress

*Affiliate Disclosure

Stress happens to all of us. However, I suspect single parents (or any parents for that matter) get more than their fair share. The stressors seem to come from everywhere. Sometimes we can roll with it, other times the most benign incident might send us over the edge. Here are 15 effective and easy ways to manage that stress.

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I once had a neighbor who was a single mom, and she once burst into big salty tears and simultaneously crumpled into a big sad pile on her kitchen floor. What caused her total breakdown? No one died. No fire set her modest little place ablaze. No one had run over her puppy, Mr. Cuddlesworth.

Read More

Happy Father’s Day To All The Single Dads

Today is a day I’d rather ignore. It’s a day when I’m reminded of the vast differences between the awesome dads (yay for you) and the jackasses who abandon their children when their offspring grow inconvenient. It’s not my favorite day of the year. That’s just my honest take on Father’s Day.

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That said, I’m all about keeping things moving forward. Being a sourpuss never did anyone any good, right? Instead of spending today manifesting the venom I have for those long gone donors, I’d much rather celebrate the amazing fathers who are out there quietly caring for their children. So let’s focus on the daddy superstars!

To all the single dads (and also every good dad, single or otherwise) happy Father’s Day! Read More

Happy Mother’s Day To All The Amazing Single Moms

Mother’s Day is one of those bittersweet things that frequently dot the single mommy landscape. Like birthdays and Christmas it reminds us of both what we have, and sometimes what we had or wished we had. But in particular Mother’s Day brings to forefront that ever present life consuming task we have as single moms.

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Each mommy’s path is different and how she arrived at single parenthood unique. But I do believe that all single moms are amazing. We do our best under challenging circumstances. We find strength that we never knew we had within us . We sometimes fight tears and hide them behind smiles so our children can escape the aches in our heart. We do the work designed for two, and often feel the pangs of guilt for doing it. There is never enough time or money for the typical single mom. Read More

3 Ugly Myths About Single Moms

There are a lot of stereotypes and myths out there about single moms. I honestly can’t stand most of them. In my opinion many of these myths have grown mostly out of prejudice, rigid societal standards of what is right and wrong, and a general lack of empathy. Let’s just take the time to dispel 3 of the worst ugly (no good, very bad) myths about single moms.

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Read More

6 Factors to Consider Before Relocating

It’s one of the toughest decisions a single mom will have to make. Just the idea of leaving everything behind may paralyze you with fear. Almost every single parent I’ve met has had to confront this choice and there are several reasons why it may be a good idea, and probably just as many reasons to stay put. Here’s my take on deciding if relocation is right for you.

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When my divorce was final I was faced with a tough decision. Stay in the expensive seaside town that had become my home or move back to Los Angeles to be near my parents and better opportunity. To say I agonized over that decision is an understatement. Sure free childcare and a vibrant dating scene was tempting, but leaving my community and my friends seemed frightening and impossible. Read More

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